Hola, This is Liberty Hall, where you can spit on the mat, and call the cat a bastard. Fiber is the primary theme, but it’s not the only thing I’m gonna talk about. Pull up a chair, get a drink from the bar, and sit for a spell.



I’ve been spending the past week as the guest poster on @peopleofcraft, on Twitter. It’s been interesting. The limited space of the format forces me to take what I’m saying and break it... READ MORE

Yarn to order

I do commissions. Why would you want one?  Control. What sort of control? Quantity. If you look at my shop you will see a fair bit of yarn. You will also note that... READ MORE


I don’t think of myself as a spinner. This is, as I look at the logs from last year, not true. I’m a spinner. In 2017 I joined the “12 lb club” which... READ MORE