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I am spinning. I am dealing with photographic issues, health issues, yanno, life.

I’m trying to remind myself how to knit. I was never any good at it.  I am competent to make a scarf.    I never got to the point I could read a pattern and things like cables make no sense to me, increase/decrease is about the limit of my abilty to do structural change.  That’s a little frustrating; as I have a practice piece I set aside ~8 years ago, and when I started last night managed to annoy myself (I think I was doing purl when I meant to knit, which meant everything was suddenly lumpy) and ripped out two rows.

The problem with knitting is I liked it, but it was starting to be murder on my joints. If I can avoid overdoing it, then it’s good. I can make scarves, even hats.  I can also do swatches, and show the yarns I make as fabrics, next to the skein they came from (which I will then rip out and put back in the skein)

I’ve got about 14 skeins to boil, about half a dozen to photograph; somewhere between 10 and 20 to catalogue and list.  I’ve got a Square, so now i can get a table, or just walk about with a bag of yarn on my back and “Wanna buy some yarn” on a button (maybe I should get a T-shirt made).


I’ve been fighting with a photo website Terrence Karney, Fine Art America.  It’s useful, but a mess.  In theory I have a private website, which mirrors it; and I think there is a blogging function, but the tools are opaque. Also, because it’s web-based it needs JPGs, which is kneecapping my ability to to larger images, because of how the compressions work.  I have .TIFF files for all the images I’ve uploaded (43 of about 3,000 processed images, from a backlogog of about 30,000 files; not counting negatives and slides, which need scanning).

They do the “we cover the materials cost, and you take a markup”. So mugs, t-shirts, shower curtains, etc., (as well as more conventional wall art) are all available.  I make less than I would doing direct sales, but I don’t have to set up contracts, or (as would be more likely) line up suppliers, and then send an order when someone wanted something.  I also don’t have to pay for hosting, bandwidth, etc.

I can do prints up to poster size, call it 16”x24”, but they can’t.  It’s a minor problem as most of the wall art categories (canvas printing, etc.) require a nominal image size of 6 inches on the shortest side and some of my crops; as the files present, are just under that.

It’s also a lot of work putting images up.  I have to think about SEO, finding keywords, making sure the images are actually print ready (noticed a spot I’d not caught in the editing, so it’s not salable at present).

Happily (as I get into the weeds) my naming system means I can find the parent images, and see about redefining the image size, so they will be better prints (I know tight crops can be large enough, because I just uploaded an image which was made from about 1/3rd of the total frame, and the shortest size is more than 6 inches).

So, shold you poke about, and see an image you would like to have, in a format they don’t provide (say a screensaver, or a large print), leave a comment, and we can work that out.

Have some photos.

Pasdena, and the surrounding towns, planted a lot of camphor trees after WW1, in case it was needed in future wars.


Sometimes you just have to flop when you see a photo. She was maybe 20 yards away, so it was safe to stop, flop, and shoot while she ate whatever it was.


Side of a building. If you have a key handle, you can get water. From the color of the teflon tape, it was brand new when I spotted it.

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