By the sweat of our brow

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I’ve never set up a website before. I’ve owned several, but always it was on an established framework, and all I was doing was putting text, and images, on the page. I learned some pretty basic HTML, so that I could make links, insert images, etc. on Lj, but that was all I got, CSS, themes, plug-ins, etc… are as greek to me.

Thankfully I have partners who aren’t clueless; in fact are pretty damned good at this. Want to build a taxonomy?  They know how. Product pages? They know how. tweaks and adjustments, swapping out fonts; making a decent slider, setting up a means to actually sell things… They were on it.

And they’ve been unstinting in their assistance. Without them there woudn’t be anything like this. Last week I had some testbed inventory, but couldn’t sell anything. Why?  The theme I was running didn’t play well with my sales platform. I don’t know how long I would have floundered before I figured that out.

Now I have to figure out how to publicize it, how to make the prices I’m asking seem reasonable, etc. The work isn’t over, but the part that would have crippled me, were it not done, has been done; and I have to confess, I could never have done it without lots of help.


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